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Understanding Rotator Cuff Strain: Finding Relief Through Chiropractic Care

As someone deeply immersed in the world of chiropractic care, I’ve witnessed firsthand the debilitating effects of rotator cuff strain on individuals, particularly athletes and ...
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Yoga for posture correction

Unlocking Better Back Flexibility: Your Path to Pain-Free Movement

As someone who has dedicated their life to promoting spinal health and wellness, I understand the profound impact that back flexibility can have on your ...
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Spine Health - Spinal decompression

What is Spinal Decompression?

Chiropractors have long been at the forefront of innovative techniques to alleviate back pain and restore mobility. One such technique gaining popularity is spinal decompression ...
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Important Facts You Should Know About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Are you tired of living with persistent pain that just won’t seem to go away? Have you tried various treatments, only to find temporary relief ...
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Simple Ways To Improve Your Back Flexibility

Are you constantly battling back and shoulder discomfort? You’re not alone. Poor posture, a common culprit, often leads to chronic upper back, lower back, and ...
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What You Need to Know About Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headaches can be a debilitating condition, often misunderstood and misdiagnosed. As a chiropractor with over 20 years of experience, I’ve seen firsthand how these ...
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Pain relief of Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (Type 1) by your chiropractor

The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Important Facts to Know

Are you often suffering from chronic pain from an injury or old injury that doesn’t seem to go away? Did you ever take pain medication ...
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What causes neck and back pain in children?

Dr. Jeanne van Straten M.Tech Chiropractic, (UJ). Parents are becoming more concerned about the impact of school backpacks on their children’s weight. Private practice is ...
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Treating Shoulder Bursitis With Chiropractic

Bursitis is a condition that causes swelling in the bursa of the shoulder. This is the area surrounding the ball and the joint socket. This ...
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