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Pain relief of Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (Type 1) by your chiropractor

The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Important Facts to Know

Are you often suffering from chronic pain from an injury or old injury that doesn’t seem to go away? Did you ever take pain medication …

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What causes neck and back pain in children?

Dr. Jeanne van Straten M.Tech Chiropractic, (UJ). Parents are becoming more concerned about the impact of school backpacks on their children’s weight. Private practice is …

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Treating Shoulder Bursitis With Chiropractic

Bursitis is a condition that causes swelling in the bursa of the shoulder. This is the area surrounding the ball and the joint socket. This …

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Spine Health - Soccer injury

Ankle injuries in Soccer – Treatment and how it happens

Dr. Jeanne van Straten M.Tech Chiropractic, (UJ). Patients are coming into our offices with soccer-related injuries, such as an ankle sprain and a medial sprain. …

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Yoga for posture correction

Four Simple Ways to Correct Standing Posture with the Help of Yoga Poses

Proper posture is essential to avoid injury and stiffness. Sometimes, a job environment or lifestyle can lead to muscle fatigue and pain. Yoga will help …

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Chiropractic Care to Combat Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Any injury can occur at any time and every patient can be affected differently. This post will focus on thoracic outlet Syndrome(TOS) and how patients …

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Spine Health - Chiropractor Pretoria

Headaches: 5 types

Headaches can cause weakness, dizziness and debilitation. Headaches are one of the most common types. Primary and secondary headaches can be divided into two categories. …

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Improving back flexibility

Want better back flexibility?

This post will discuss ways to make your back more flexible. This is important in order to prevent any injuries to your body. You’ll also …

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Spine Health - Spinal decompression

What is spinal decompression?

Chiropractors often use spinal compression therapy as part of an effective treatment for patients suffering from back pain. Non-invasive treatments are an effective way to …

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