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ergonomic setup
Aug 01


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How to Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Having a comfy workplace can effectively make you feel at your best to work. With this visual guide to improve your office ergonomics, you can make a new look for your sitting work area.

Sitting on your desk for a one-hour length of time, you will likely not have to experience back and neck pain, sore wrists, and fingers. An appropriate office ergonomics will include a proper height of your chair, acceptable equipment spacing, and great work area pose, it will enable you to and your joints to remain relaxed.

Are you now prepared to give a new look in your work area? Begin making your sitting work area pleasant with the help of the visual guide of workstation ergonomics.

There are seven aspects in your workstation that you will need to improve in order to have a great workstation ergonomics; such as the chair, key objects, keyboard and mouse, telephone, foot rest, desk, and monitor

1. Chair

Pick the right chair that is capable of supporting your spinal curves. Change the tallness of your seat with the goal that your feet lay level on the floor or on a hassock and your thighs should be parallel to the floor.

2. Key items

Telephone, staplers, and other objects in your work area should be close to you so that it will be easier for you to reach. You can stand up to reach the object that is not easy to reach while you are sitting.


3. Keyboard and mouse

Mouse and keyboard must be placed on the same surface that is easier for you to reach. When you’re using the mouse, your wrists should be straight, upper arms near your body, and the hands underneath the level of your elbows. To lessen the mouse use by using the keyboard shortcuts. Use the mouse sensitivity options that will allow you to lightly touch the mouse. You can simply interchange the hand you use on the mouse by placing it on the other side.


4. Telephone

If you often use the telephone while you’re writing and typing, make your phone on a speaker mode or simply use your headset instead of supporting the phone between your head and neck.

5. Footrest

The footrest is used if the chair is too high for your feet to rest on the floor. If you don’t have a footrest, you can use any solid object that can support your feet.

6. Desk

Make sure there is a distance between your thighs, feet, and knees under your desk. You can use any stable object if the desk is low and can’t be adjusted, and if the desk is high you can alternatively raise your seat. As much as possible, don’t put any objects below the desk.

7. Monitor

The monitor should be placed straightforwardly in a safe distance away from you, and the screen should be at least on your eye level. Using bifocals, the monitor must be 1 to 2 inches lowered for a better view.

baby suffering from colic
Aug 01

Colic Relief

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What is Colic?

Colic is for the most part described by your newborn child’s consistent crying that abandons you feeling vulnerable, disappointed and exhausted. Colic is one of the causes where you experience restless evenings and will come to a point that you are confounded as you attempt to try anything that will help your infant. Most people might tell you that you should just live with colic and it will just go away, but maybe they don’t experience what is like to deal with your infant crying because of colic.

If you found out that there is a natural solution for colic exist without the prescribed medications that will likely worsen the colic? Will you take the chance to try it? Of course, you probably will, because we all know that colic is absolutely draining and I bet you wouldn’t want to go through a sleepless night again if you found out that there is a natural cure for colic.

In a normal situation, babies sometimes cry if they will need something, right? But, babies with colic cries constantly, even though you have tried to do everything that will make them stop from crying.

Here are the 4 symptoms of colic.

  1. The immoderate crying of the infant that will generally start on a certain time every day.
  2. The infant is only weeks old or a month old
  3. Infant is mostly healthful
  4. The infant will level their legs on the chest, the abdominal muscles will tighten or grasp their fists. Also, there is a chance that their face will be red.

Most parents are afraid of the situation when their infants experienced colic. Fact is 25% of the infants will likely experience colic.

What are the causes of Colic?

In this day, there are no causes of Colic identified yet. Professionals believe that it is caused by a faulty digestive system that will result in pain, which will make the infant cry. However, some say that it is a formula-related issue.

Researchers explained that colic may be a cause of the infant’s extremely delicate temperament and is not capable to deal with their normal environment that generally because of their premature nervous system. Because the infants are not matured yet, they are likely easy to be startled and will take longer for them to stop crying.


Colic medicine is Seldom Efficient

There are available products that are suggested to colic treatment with the prescription that might result in side effects. Some of the prescribed medications are rarely effective. But, there is a natural way of treating a colic that will correct the nerve interference of your infant’s nervous system.


Natural Remedy for Colic without Drug Medications

Most parent fears when you suggest them to consult on a chiropractor for the babies’ colic. You should not fear or worry because chiropractic care is only delivered by the highly-educated licensed professionals that study long years to practice on this field. They are also very careful of caring your infant’s with colic.


Natural Solution for Colic

The chiropractor will decide if your infant is allowed for chiropractic care after a careful examination.

The chiropractor will give you the assessment of the examination of your infant to you and will suggest the right way to do in order to cure your infant’s colic.

It would be a great way to try a natural solution first. Also, do not hesitate to reach out on the chiropractors because they are the ones who are qualified and knows how to help your infant’s with colic. Always take the action as soon as possible so that your child will not suffer from colic.


Medications for Colic

Before giving your infant a colic medications, always make sure that you are a hundred percent sure that the medication you give is safe and will not result in side effects that will only make your infant’s colic get worse.

sports rehabilitation through chiropractic
Aug 01

Sport Rehab

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Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains and Muscle Spasms

Your muscles and joints can suffer a great deal of pain if you fall prey to a sprain, strain or muscle spasm. If you know what causes these problems, and know how to prevent them, you can save yourself a lot of discomforts. Your chiropractor can help by correcting defects that cause your muscles to protect you by going into a painful spasm.


You are hiking and step on a rock. Your ankle turns over and you feel a wrenching pain, but can still walk back to camp. The real pain comes later. This is a sprain.

A sprain occurs when the joint is forced to go beyond its normal range of motion. The ligament fibers over stretch and tear. This often happens with sudden twisting in active sports. With a sprain, the joint can still function, even though minute ligament tears leak blood into the tissue surrounding the joint, causing swelling and discomfort.

Back sprains are usually severe. Pain and motion in the lower back will often cause a muscle spasm. Acute sprains require the attention of a doctor.



If a muscle or tendon was injured when you stepped on that rock, you experienced a strain. Strains are not as serious as sprains. They often happen when you neglect to warm up your muscles before using them. Chronically strained muscles or ligaments can result from years of tension or misuse.



You’ve been driving for two hours. You turn and reach for your hat in the back seat and whammy. Your lower back muscles on one side rebel and clamp down into a spasm.

A spasm is a sudden, forceful and sustained muscle contraction. It is usually caused by a direct trauma to the muscle, excessive exercise or chronic strain. You can tell when your muscle is in spasm. It bulges and is hard to the touch. The muscle is painful and feels tied in a knot. When you have a muscle spasm, all the fibers contract. With normal movement, only some of the fibers contract.

Muscles do two things. They contract and they relax. Muscles around the spine add protection. If you overwork them, the message from the nervous system to the muscle is to contract and protect. If something is wrong with the discs or facet joints, muscles go into spasm to hold everything in place, preventing further damage to the spine. A muscle in spasm serves as a splint, restricting a range of motion and friction upon joints. The protective spasm can be chronic. It can even be a cause of scoliosis, abnormal spinal curvature.

What You Can Do

  • Treat your muscles with the care and respect they deserve.
  • Keep them flexible with daily slow stretching.
  • Check with your chiropractor to correct any defects in joint mobility which might be causing your muscles to go into protective spasm.
  • Warm up your muscles and joints before exercise.
  • Stretch them out when you are through exercising.


back and neck pain relief through chiropractic
Aug 01

Back and Neck Pain

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Whiplash, Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Shoulder Pain

With summer coming on and the increase of automobiles on the highways, to say nothing of the usual congestion of our streets and freeways in normal traffic, whiplash neck injuries are fast becoming a major health problem. The increase of speed involved in freeway driving contributes to the growing incidence of the type of accident that can cause such injuries.

A panel of surgeons, who met under the auspices of the International College of Surgeons some time ago, reported that their studies of whiplash injuries established the fact that spinal cord and nerve roots frequently are injured without the injured person even being aware of it until perhaps several months or a year later. Pain symptoms at this time begin to develop.

These pain symptoms, neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, headaches, that develop much later than the incident seldom are connected with the forgotten whiplash that may have occurred when one automobile bumped the back of another. And unfortunately, by then the lapse of time has nullified the automobile insurance that would have covered all the cost of correcting the spine, and the victim must pay for this expense himself. The misalignment of the vertebrae is also known as subluxation

See your Doctor of Chiropractic when such an incident occurs to you. With the chiropractor’s greater knowledge of the importance of the spine and its alignment – and the awareness of the significance of even minute changes in this alignment – chiropractor is best equipped to discover and correct the damage caused by whiplash injuries. And your insurance would cover the proper time element for early diagnosis treatment.