Rotator Cuff Strain and Chiropractic Treatment

A common condition in athletes is Rotator Cuff Strain. This is because they are most susceptible to the repetitive movements they need to perform. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) refers to a condition where certain muscles are continually stressed, such as the shoulder.

You can get over-the-counter medication, but you also have the option to receive safe, healthy chiropractic treatment for pain and discomfort caused by rotator strain or a tear of the shoulder. This post will discuss the injury, the chiropractic treatment, and the recovery aspects of the rotator cuff.

What is a Rotator Cuff Strain?

The rotator wrist is located in the shoulders. It contains the muscles, tendon, and keeps the upper arm within its socket. When a patient suffers from rotator cuff strain, they can experience all sorts of mobility and range limits accompanied by Who is more at risk for rotator strain?

Anyone can sustain a rotator-cuff strain. However, some people are more susceptible to this type of injury due to their lifestyles.

Rotator cuff injury can occur in people who are required to do repetitive movements, such as painting or carpentry. Rotator cuff strain is more common in athletes who are rowers, batsmen or bowlers in cricket or baseball. Patients over 40 years old can be at greater risk for injury to their rotator. A patient may also be at greater risk for injury due to their family history.

Spine-Health- Rotator Cuff Strain

Treatment and prevention of strains in the rotator cuff

Individuals are different and recovery times for rotator-cuff injuries can vary. Some patients find relief by using pain medication such as ibuprofen, ice or heat packs to the affected area. To treat a rotator-cuff injury or to relieve shoulder pain, you can visit your chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatment can include hot and cold treatment, as well electric shock treatment to decrease inflammation from the rotator-cuff injury. The best treatment for the rotator-cuff injury is determined by the chiropractor working closely with the patient. To strengthen the area and increase motion and range, some may also include rotator-cuff strain exercises. To strengthen the muscles and prevent easy rotator-cuff injuries, patients will be given specific rotator strain exercises.


  • To avoid rotator-cuff injuries, learn correct posture techniques
  • Between repetitive movements of your arm, take a break
  • A chiropractor may suggest strengthening exercises


  • Do not wear heavy backpacks
  • Do not take too long breaks
  • When standing, sitting or walking, don’t fall in position.

Do you need help managing rotator cuff strain injury? Talk to your chiropractor right away!

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