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Aug 01
back and neck pain relief through chiropractic

Whiplash, Neck Pain, Arm Pain, Shoulder Pain

With summer coming on and the increase of automobiles on the highways, to say nothing of the usual congestion of our streets and freeways in normal traffic, whiplash neck injuries are fast becoming a major health problem. The increase of speed involved in freeway driving contributes to the growing incidence of the type of accident that can cause such injuries.

A panel of surgeons, who met under the auspices of the International College of Surgeons some time ago, reported that their studies of whiplash injuries established the fact that spinal cord and nerve roots frequently are injured without the injured person even being aware of it until perhaps several months or a year later. Pain symptoms at this time begin to develop.

These pain symptoms, neck pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, headaches, that develop much later than the incident seldom are connected with the forgotten whiplash that may have occurred when one automobile bumped the back of another. And unfortunately, by then the lapse of time has nullified the automobile insurance that would have covered all the cost of correcting the spine, and the victim must pay for this expense himself. The misalignment of the vertebrae is also known asĀ subluxation

See your Doctor of Chiropractic when such an incident occurs to you. With the chiropractor’s greater knowledge of the importance of the spine and its alignment – and the awareness of the significance of even minute changes in this alignment – chiropractor is best equipped to discover and correct the damage caused by whiplash injuries. And your insurance would cover the proper time element for early diagnosis treatment.

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